Road Hustler is about finding a good game of pool in an interesting room.

It's about American pool halls. Specifically Historic, Old, Interesting and Worth driving to see.

  • Red markers are Historic rooms that are still open
  • Yellow markers are places that no longer exist
  • Blue are great rooms

Please use the Navigation controls on the map multiple markers in a area will be hard to see without the zoom button.


Bank Shot Billiards Vegas Tune-Up

Its that time of year again folks and my friend flats has invited everyone up to his house for a good game.

June 27th and 28th. Its a great tournament run by really good people. Do your self a favor and check it out.

If you have any questions call flats at: 719.588.9895


Pool Tournament at Bank Shot Billiards


Look at that the old materials have been posted. What people are complaing about? it only took me two years.


I am such a slacker  I will get to work on this site asap.

Thank you,


Sorry we were down for a second. All of the content from the old site will be transcribed in the next week hopefully. As always I appreciate you putting up with me.